Nicewon Recordings is a Minneapolis-based label featuring those unique NoCoast house sounds, run by Jeff Swiff & Christian James. We're strictly focused on the bouncin’, phat side of house, with spot-on, driven floor stompers and unmistakable Midwest vibes. Nicewon pushes deep and dusty, with an essential smattering of funky soul.

Nicewon keeps thangs moving in 2019 with the 'Mood & Impulse EP' from Jeff Swiff. Three new cuts, long-side a stellar re-jazz from Donnie Moustaki. Phat drums, crisp hats, snappy leads, warm pads and all that. Four moods and a different vibe- for all hours of the night, with a Digi-Only 5th cut, available on Bandcamp. Enjoy the sounds on NCWN05! 



Format: 12" 
Cat: NCWN05 
Mastering: Reel Mastering 
Distribution: Complete USA 
Pressing: Archer, Detroit 

Release: September 2nd, 2019.

Nicewon kicks off 2019 with the 'Live on DuPont EP' from Christian James. Christian drops three new cuts, stamped with unmistakable mid-west vibes, fresh from flyover USA and pulls in a super-phat remix, from one of London's most exciting producer's- Cody Currie. Following up on his SummerSota EP, he stays true to his roots with driving drum-grooves, heavy use of samplers and drum machines, with some great synth work and pulls it all together by jamming it out- live. Cody Currie brings that floor-stompin attitude to this remix and cracks the WHIP with those beloved filter disco vibes, for all the heads. This EP kicks some serious Minneapolis warehouse flavor, to fit all corners of the dancefloor. We hope you enjoy NCWN04! 

Format: Vinyl/Digital 
Cat Number: NCWN04 
EP Title: Live on DuPont EP 
Release Date: February 15th, 2019 

A1 Live on DuPont #2 
A2 Live on DuPont #3 
B1 The WHIP 
B2 The WHIP (Cody Currie Remix) 

Produced in Minneapolis. Mastered by Rob Small Mastering ( Leeds, UK ). Artwork by Jeff Swiff. 

Artist: Christian James 
Remix Artist: Cody Currie 

Order Direct:
Soundcloud: @nicewon-recordings 

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